Angry Ball Street

Angry Ball Street
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Once upon a time all the anger in the world manifested itself into one giant ball...

This ball decided to roam the streets in a strange land, destroying everything in its way...

The story begins on day 1 on Ball Street, a street known for its greedy and nefarious ways.... The ball wants to roll over everyone and break everything.

Then the ball follows them to a shopping street... The ball continues its destruction.

On day 2 the ball goes to Bank Street, another street known for its greed and corruption... Again it follows them to a shopping street.

All the bankers and corrupt businessmen are sent to Jail Street. Unsatisfied, the ball follows them to Jail Street and helps them escape only to roll them over again as they attempt to rob the businesses nearby.

Finally all the bad people in the city are stealing cars to try to escape the wrath of the ball. However the ball follows them once again and destroys them and their automobiles as they try to flee.

You control the ball... You control the destruction ...